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    • A SUMO-Dependent Step during Establishment of Sister Chromatid Chohesion 

      Almedawar, Seba; Colomina i Gabarrella, Neus; Bermúdez López, Marcelino; Pociño Merino, Irene; Torres Rosell, Jordi (Elsevier, 2012-09-11)
      Cohesin is a protein complex that ties sister DNA molecules from the time of DNA replication until the metaphase to anaphase transition. Current models propose that the association of the Smc1, Smc3, and Scc1/Mcd1 subunits ...
    • ATPase-dependent control of the Mms21 SUMO ligase during DNA repair 

      Bermúdez López, Marcelino; Pociño Merino, Irene; Sánchez, Humberto; Bueno, Andrés; Guasch, Clàudia; Almedawar, Seba; Brú i Virgili, Sergi; Garí Marsol, Eloi; Wyman, Claire; Reverter Cendrós, David; Colomina i Gabarrella, Neus; Torres Rosell, Jordi (Plos Biology, 2015-03-12)
      Modification of proteins by SUMO is essential for the maintenance of genome integrity. During DNA replication, the Mms21-branch of the SUMO pathway counteracts recombination intermediates at damaged replication forks, thus ...
    • Use of the 16S-23S ribosomal genes spacer region for the molecular typing of sphingomonads 

      Tokajian, Sima; Almedawar, Seba; Hashwa, Fuad (NRC Research Press, 2008-08-31)
      The ability of sphingomonads in drinking water to cause community- and hospital-acquired opportunistic infections has raised the need to establish reproducible identification assays. In this study, a total of 129 isolates ...