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    • Cyclin D1 localizes in the cytoplasm of keratinocytes during skin differentiation and regulates cell–matrix adhesion 

      Fernández Hernández, Rita; Rafel i Borrell, Marta; Pérez Fusté, Noel; Aguayo Ortiz, Rafael; Casanova i Seuma, Josep M. (Josep Manel); Egea Navarro, Joaquim; Ferrezuelo, Francisco; Garí Marsol, Eloi (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
      The function of Cyclin D1 (CycD1) has been widely studied in the cell nucleus as a regulatory subunit of the cyclindependent kinases Cdk4/6 involved in the control of proliferation and development in mammals. CycD1 has ...
    • Erk1/2 activation in stromal fibroblasts from sporadic basal cell carcinomas 

      Aguayo Ortiz, Rafael; Rafel i Borrell, Marta; Santacana Espasa, Maria; Pérez Fusté, Noel; Garí Marsol, Eloi (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 2015)
      BACKGROUND Constitutive activation of the Erk pathway can lead to oncogenic transformation. However, the Erk pathway is not activated in human basal cell carcinomas (BCCs); although in animal models, this seems to be ...
    • Unilateral milia-type intradermal tophi associated with underlying urate subcutaneous deposition: an uncommon cutaneous presentation of gout 

      Aguayo Ortiz, Rafael; Baradad Brusau, Manuel; Soria, Xavier; Abal Diaz, Leandro; Sanmartín Novell, Verònica; Egido Garcia, Ramon Maria; Gallel Vicente, María del Pilar; Casanova i Seuma, Josep M. (Josep Manel); Martí Laborda, Rosa Ma. (Wiley online library, 2013)
      Tophi develop during the most advanced clinical stage of gout, and are usually located on or around the joints. However, unusual skin features caused by intradermal and/or subcutaneous deposition of tophaceous material ...