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    • A trans locus causes a ribosomopathy in hypertrophic hearts that affects mRNA translation in a protein length-dependent fashion 

      Witte, Franziska; Ruiz Orera, Jorge; Ciolli Mattioli, Camilla; Blachut, Susanne; Adami, Eleonora; Felicitas Schulz, Jana; Schneider-Lunitz, Valentin; Hummel, Oliver; Patone, Giannino; Mücke, Michael Benedikt; Šilhavý, Jan; Heinig, Matthias; Bottolo, Leonardo; Sanchis, Daniel; Vingron, Martin; Chekulaeva, Marina; Pravenec, Michal; Hubner, Norbert; Van Heesch, Sebastiaan (BMC, 2021)
      Background: Little is known about the impact of trans-acting genetic variation on the rates with which proteins are synthesized by ribosomes. Here, we investigate the influence of such distant genetic loci on the efficiency ...