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    • Center problem for trigonometric Liénard systems 

      Gasull, Armengol; Giné, Jaume; Valls, Claudia (Elsevier, 2017)
      We give a complete algebraic characterization of the non-degenerated centers for planar trigonometric Liénard systems. The main tools used in our proof are the classical results of Cherkas on planar analytic Liénard systems ...
    • Highest weak focus order for trigonometric Liénard equations 

      Gasull, Armengol; Giné, Jaume; Valls, Claudia (Springer, 2020)
      Given a planar analytic differential equation with a critical point which is a weak focus of order k, it is well known that at most k limit cycles can bifurcate from it. Moreover, in case of analytic Liénard differential ...