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    • Inertial mass from Unruh temperatures 

      Giné, Jaume; McCulloch, M. E. (World Scientific Publishing, 2016)
      It has been proposed that inertia can be explained as follows: when objects accelerate in one direction a Rindler horizon forms in the other direction, suppressing Unruh radiation on that side, and producing a net Unruh ...
    • Inertial mass of an elementary particle from the holographic scenario 

      Giné, Jaume (World Scientific Publishing, 2017)
      Various attempts have been made to fully explain the mechanism by which a body has inertial mass. Recently it has been proposed that this mechanism is as follows: when an object accelerates in one direction a dynamical ...
    • Modified inertial mass from information loss 

      McCulloch, M. E.; Giné, Jaume (World Scientific Publishing, 2017)
      A modification of inertia (called MiHsC or quantized inertia) has been proposed that assumes that inertia is caused by Unruh radiation, and that this radiation is made inhomogeneous in space by either Rindler horizons ...