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    • A method for characterizing nilpotent centers 

      Giné, Jaume; Llibre, Jaume (Elsevier, 2014)
      To characterize when a nilpotent singular point of an analytic differential system is a center is of particular interest, first for the problem of distinguishing between a focus and a center, and after for studying the ...
    • Centers for generalized quintic polynomial differential systems 

      Giné, Jaume; Llibre, Jaume; Valls, Claudia (Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium, 2017)
      We classify the centers of polynomial differential systems in $R^2$ of odd degree $d \ge 5$, in complex notation, as $\dot{z} = iz + (z \bar z)^(d-5)/2(A z^5 + B z^4 \bar z + C z^3 \bar z^2 + D z^2 \bar z^3 + E z \bar z^4 ...
    • Centers for the Kukles homogeneous systems with odd degree 

      Giné, Jaume; Llibre, Jaume; Valls, Claudia (London Mathematical Society, 2015)
      For the polynomial differential system x˙ = −y, y˙ = x+Qn(x; y), where Qn(x; y) is a homogeneous polynomial of degree n there are the following two conjectures done in 1999. (1) Is it true that the previous system for ...