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    • Distance-based topological polynomials associated with zero-divisor graphs 

      Ahmad, Ali; López Masip, Susana-Clara (Hindawi, 2021-05)
      Let R be a commutative ring with nonzero identity and let Z(R) be its set of zero divisors. The zero-divisor graph of R is the graph T(R) with vertex set V(T(R))=Z(R)*, where Z(R)*=Z(R)\{0} , and edge set E(T(R))={{x,y}:x·y=0} ...
    • Enumerating super edge-magic labelings for the union of nonisomorphic graphs 

      Ahmad, Ali; López Masip, Susana-Clara; Muntaner Batle, Francesc Antoni; Rius Font, Miquel (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
      A super edge-magic labeling of a graph G=(V,E) of order p and size q is a bijection f:V ∪E→{i}p+qi=1 such that: (1) f(u)+f(uv)+f(v)=k for all uv∈E; and (2) f(V )={i}pi=1. Furthermore, when G is a linear forest, the super ...