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    • Extending the Reach of SAT with Many-Valued Logics 

      Béjar Torres, Ramón; Cabiscol i Teixidó, Alba; Fernàndez Camon, César; Manyà Serres, Felip; Gomes, Carla (Elsevier, 2001)
      We present Regular-SAT, an extension of Boolean Satisfiability based on a class of many-valued CNFform ulas. Regular-SAT shares many properties with Boolean SAT, which allows us to generalize some of the best known SAT ...
    • On the Performance of MaxSAT and MinSAT Solvers on 2SAT-MaxOnes 

      Argelich Romà, Josep; Béjar Torres, Ramón; Fernàndez Camon, César; Mateu Piñol, Carles; Planes Cid, Jordi (Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016-06-01)
      We analyze and compare two solvers for Boolean optimization problems: WMaxSatz, a solver for Partial MaxSAT, and MinSatz, a solver for Partial MinSAT. Both MaxSAT and MinSAT are similar, but previous results indicate that ...
    • Regular-SAT: A many-valued approach to solving combinatorial problems 

      Béjar Torres, Ramón; Manyà Serres, Felip; Cabiscol i Teixidó, Alba; Fernàndez Camon, César; Gomes, Carla (Elsevier, 2007)
      Regular-SAT is a constraint programming language between CSP and SAT that—by combining many of the good properties of each paradigm—offers a good compromise between performance and expressive power. Its similarity to SAT ...