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    • A web ontologies framework for digital rights management 

      García González, Roberto; Gil Iranzo, Rosa María; Delgado Mercè, Jaime (Springer, 2007)
      In order to improve the management of copyright in the Internet, known as Digital Rights Management, there is the need for a shared language for copyright representation. Current approaches are based on purely syntactic ...
    • Content value chains modelling using a copyright ontology 

      García González, Roberto; Gil Iranzo, Rosa María (Elsevier, 2010)
      Existing digital rights management (DRM) systems, initiatives like Creative Commons or research works as some digital rights ontologies provide limited support for content value chains modelling and management. This is ...
    • Interoperability of learning objects copyright in the LUISA semantic learning management system 

      García González, Roberto; Pariente, Tomas (Taylor & Francis, 2009)
      Semantic Web technology is able to provide the required computational semantics for interoperability of learning resources across different Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Object Repositories (LOR). The EU ...