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    • Innovative LIDAR 3D dynamic measurement system to estimate fruit-tree leaf area 

      Sanz Cortiella, Ricardo; Llorens Calveras, Jordi; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Arnó Satorra, Jaume; Ribes Dasi, Manuel; Masip Vilalta, Joan; Camp, Ferran; Gràcia Aguilà, Felipe José; Solanelles Batlle, Francesc; Planas de Martí, Santiago; Pallejà Cabrè, Tomàs; Palacín Roca, Jordi; Gregorio López, Eduard; Del Moral Martínez, Ignacio; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon (Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), 2011)
      In this work, a LIDAR-based 3D Dynamic Measurement System is presented and evaluated for the geometric characterization of tree crops. Using this measurement system, trees were scanned from two opposing sides to obtain two ...
    • Obtaining the three-dimensional structure of tree orchards from remote 2D terrestrial LIDAR scanning 

      Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Llorens Calveras, Jordi; Sanz Cortiella, Ricardo; Arnó Satorra, Jaume; Ribes Dasi, Manuel; Masip Vilalta, Joan; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Camp, Ferran; Solanelles Batlle, Francesc; Gràcia, Felip; Gil Moya, Emilio; Val, Luis; Planas de Martí, Santiago; Palacín Roca, Jordi (Elsevier, 2009)
      In recent years, LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors have been widely used to measure environmental parameters such as the structural characteristics of trees, crops and forests. Knowledge of the structural ...
    • Real-time tree-foliage surface estimation using a ground laser scanner 

      Palacín Roca, Jordi; Pallejà Cabrè, Tomàs; Tresánchez Ribes, Marcel; Ribes Dasi, Manuel; Llorens Calveras, Jordi; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Sanz Cortiella, Ricardo; Masip Vilalta, Joan; Arnó Satorra, Jaume (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2007)
      The optimization of most pesticide and fertilizer applications is based on overall grove conditions. In this work we measurements. Recently, Wei [9, 10] used a terrestrial propose a measurement system based on a ground ...