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    • Experimental devices to investigate the long‐term stability of phase change materials under application conditions 

      Rathgeber, Christoph; Hiebler, Stefan; Bayón, Rocío; Cabeza, Luisa F.; Zsembinszki, Gabriel; Englmair, Gerald; Dannemand, Mark; Diarce, Gonzalo; Fellmann, Oliver; Ravott, Rebecca; Groulx, Dominic; Kheirabadi, Ali C.; Gschwander, Stefan; Höhlein, Stephan; König-Haagen, Andreas; Baupere, Noé; Zalewski, Laurent (MDPI, 2020)
      An important prerequisite to select a reliable phase change material (PCM) for thermal energy storage applications is to test it under application conditions. In the case of solid-liquid PCM, a large amount of thermal ...
    • IEA SHC Task 42 / ECES Annex 29 – A Simple Tool for the Economic Evaluation of Thermal Energy Storages 

      Rathgeber, Christoph; Hiebler, Stefan; Lävemann, Eberhard; Dolado, Pablo; Lazaro, Ana; Gasia, Jaume; Gracia Cuesta, Alvaro de; Miró, Laia; Cabeza, Luisa F.; König-Haagen, Andreas; Brüggemann, Dieter; Campos-Celador, Álvaro; Franquet, Erwin; Fumey, Benjamin; Dannemand, Mark; Badenhop, Thomas; Diriken, Jan; Nielsen, Jan Erik; Hauer, Andreas (Elsevier, 2016)
      Within the framework of IEA SHC Task 42 / ECES Annex 29, a simple tool for the economic evaluation of thermal energy storages has been developed and tested on various existing storages. On that account, the storage capacity ...