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    • Hybrid cascade heat pump and thermal-electric energy storage system for residential buildings: experimental testing and performance analysis 

      Palomba, Valeria; Bonanno, Antonino; Brunaccini, Giovanni; Aloisio, Davide; Sergi, Francesco; Dino, Giuseppe E.; Varvagiannis, Efstratios; Karellas, Sotirios; Nitsch, Birgo; Strehlow, Andreas; Groβe, André; Herrmann, Ralph; Barmparitsas, Nikolaos; Koch, Nelson; Vérez, David; Cabeza, Luisa F.; Zsembinszki, Gabriel; Frazzica, Andrea (MDPI, 2021)
      The need for innovative heating and cooling systems to decarbonize the building sector is widely recognized. It is especially important to increase the share of renewables at building level by maximizing self-consumption ...