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    • Looking for answers to food loss and waste management in spain from a holistic nutritional and economic approach 

      Laso, Jara; Campos, Cristina; Fernández Rios, Ana; Hoehn, Daniel; Río, Andrea del; Ruiz Salmón, Israel; Cristobal, Jorge; Quiñones, Ainoa; Amo Satién, Francisco José; Ortego, María del Carme; Tezanos, Sergio; Abajas, Rebeca; Bala, Alba; Fullana i Palmer, Pere; Puig, Rita; Margallo, María; Aldaco, Rubén; Abejón, Ricardo (MDPI, 2020-12)
      The generation of food loss and waste (FLW) is a global problem for worldwide politics. About one-third of the food produced ends up in the rubbish before it is consumed. For this reason, it is essential to design and ...
    • Multi-Objective Optimization of Nutritional, Environmental and Economic Aspects of Diets Applied to the Spanish Context 

      Abejón, Ricardo; Batlle Bayer, Laura; Laso, Jara; Bala, Alba; Vázquez Rowe, Ian; Larrea Gallegos, Gustavo; Margallo, María; Ruiz Salmón, Israel; Cristobal, Jorge; Puig, Rita; Fullana i Palmer, Pere; Aldaco, Rubén (MDPI, 2020-11-20)
      Current food consumption patterns must be revised in order to improve their sustainability. The nutritional, environmental, and economic consequences of these dietary patterns must be taken into consideration when diet ...