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    • Pioglitazone halts axonal degeneration in a mouse model of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy 

      Morató, Laia; Galino, Jorge; Ruiz, Montserrat; Calingasan, Noel Ylagan; Starkov, Anatoly A.; Dumont, Magali; Naudí i Farré, Alba; Martínez, Juan José; Aubourg, Patrick; Portero Otín, Manuel; Pamplona Gras, Reinald; Galea, Elena; Flint Beal, M.; Ferrer, Isidre; Fourcade, Stéphane; Pujol, Aurora (Oxford Journals, 2013)
      X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy is a neurometabolic disorder caused by inactivation of the peroxisomal ABCD1 transporter of very long-chain fatty acids. In mice, ABCD1 loss causes late onset axonal degeneration in the spinal ...