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    • An Application of the IFM Method for the Risk Assessment of Financial Instruments 

      Pons, Adrià; Cristóbal Fransi, Eduard; Vintró Sánchez, Carla; Rius Torrentó, Josep Maria; Querol, Oriol; Vilaplana Mayoral, Jordi (Springer, 2021)
      External influences or behavioral biases can affect the way risk is perceived. This paper studies the prediction of VaR (Value at Risk) as a measure of the risk of loss for investments on financial products. Our aim is ...
    • Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in mining industries 

      Pons, Adrià; Vintró Sánchez, Carla; Rius Torrentó, Josep Maria; Vilaplana Mayoral, Jordi (Elsevier, 2021)
      The mining sector plays a fundamental role in the global economy since it provides vital raw materials and energy for a large number of industries but mining activities are commonly criticized due to the effects on workers’ ...
    • Increasing online shop revenues with web scraping: a case study for the wine sector 

      Jorge, Oriol; Pons, Adrià; Rius Torrentó, Josep Maria; Vintró Sánchez, Carla; Mateo Fornés, Jordi; Vilaplana Mayoral, Jordi (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2020)
      Purpose – Wine has been produced for thousands of years and nowadays we have seen a spread in the wine culture. E-commerce sales of wine have increased considerably and online customer’s satisfaction is influenced by ...