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    • Bioavailability of procyanidin dimers and trimers and matrix food effects in in vitro and in vivo models 

      Serra Maqueda, Aida; Macià i Puig, Ma Alba; Romero Fabregat, Mª Paz; Valls, Josep; Bladé, Cinta; Arola i Ferrer, Lluís; Motilva Casado, Mª José (Cambridge University Press, 2010)
      Among procyanidins (PC), monomers, such as catechin and epicatechin, have been widely studied, whereas dimer and trimer oligomers have received much less attention, despite their abundance in our diet. Recent studies have ...
    • Plant-derived phenolics inhibit the accrual of structurally characterised protein and lipid oxidative modifications 

      Soler Cantero, Arantza; Jové Font, Mariona; Cacabelos Barral, Daniel; Boada Pallàs, Jordi; Naudí i Farré, Alba; Romero Fabregat, Mª Paz; Cassanyé, Anna; Serrano Casasola, José Carlos Enrique; Arola i Ferrer, Lluís; Valls, Josep; Bellmunt i Curcó, Josepa; Prat Corominas, Joan; Pamplona Gras, Reinald; Portero Otín, Manuel; Motilva Casado, Mª José (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Epidemiological data suggest that plant-derived phenolics beneficial effects include an inhibition of LDL oxidation. After applying a screening method based on 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine- protein carbonyl reaction to 21 ...