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    • Aflatoxin B1, ochratoxin A and zearalenone in sorghum grains marketed in Tunisia 

      Lahouar, Amani; Jedidi, Ines; Sanchís Almenar, Vicente; Saïd, Salem (Taylor & Francis, 2018-02)
      A total of 64 samples of sorghum (37 Tunisian sorghum samples and 27 Egyptian sorghum samples) were collected during 2011 – 2012 from markets in Tunisia. Samples were analysed for contamination with aflatoxin B1, ...
    • Incidence, legislations and strategies of control of mycotoxins in North African countries 

      Lahouar, Amani; Jedidi, Ines; Saïd, Salem; Sanchís Almenar, Vicente (Faculty of Food Science & Technology, UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia), 2018-12)
      Mycotoxins are natural food and feed contaminants mainly produced by filamentous and ubiquitous fungi of genera Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium. Due to the high stability of mycotoxins, contamination can occurs in ...