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    • Coupled effects of climate teleconnections on drought, Santa Ana winds and wildfires in southern California 

      Cardil Forradellas, Adrián; Rodrigues, Marcos; Ramírez, Joaquín; Miguel Magaña, Sergio de; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Mariani, Michela; Ascoli, Davide (Elsevier, 2021)
      Projections of future climate change impacts suggest an increase of wildfire activity in Mediterranean ecosystems, such as southern California. This region is a wildfire hotspot and fire managers are under increasingly high ...
    • Forest fire propagation prediction based on overlapping DDDAS forecasts 

      Artès, Tomás; Cardil Forradellas, Adrián; Cortés, Ana; Margalef, Tomàs; Molina Terrén, Domingo; Pelegrín, Lucas; Ramírez, Joaquín (Elsevier, 2015)
      Forest fire devastate every year thousand of hectares of forest around the world. Fire behavior prediction is a useful tool to aid coordination and management of human and mitigation resources when fighting against these ...
    • Integrated graph measures reveal survival likelihood for buildings in wildfre events 

      Chulahwat, Akshat; Mahmoud, Hussam; Monedero, Santiago; Diez Vizcaíno, Francisco José; Ramírez, Joaquín; Buckley, David; Cardil Forradellas, Adrián (Nature Research, 2022)
      Wildfre events have resulted in unprecedented social and economic losses worldwide in the last few years. Most studies on reducing wildfre risk to communities focused on modeling wildfre behavior in the wildland to aid in ...