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    • Plant's gypsum affinity shapes responses to specific edaphic constraints without limiting responses to other general constraints 

      Sánchez-Martín, Ricardo; Querejeta, José I.; Voltas Velasco, Jordi; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Prieto, Iván; Verdú, Miguel; Montesinos-Navarro, Alicia (Springer, 2021-06-01)
      Aims Harsh edaphic environments harbor species with different soil affinities. Plant's responses to specific edaphic constraints may be compromised against re- sponses to prevalent stresses shared with other semi- arid ...
    • Stable isotope views on ecosystem function: challenging or challenged? 

      Resco de Dios, Víctor; Querejeta, José I.; Ogle, Kiona; Voltas Velasco, Jordi; Sebastià, Ma. T.; Serrano Ortiz, Penélope; Linares, Juan Carlos; Carreira, José A.; Torres Cañabate, Patricia; Valladares, Fernando (The Royal Society, 2010)
      Stable isotopes and their potential for detecting various and complex ecosystem processes are attracting an increasing number of scientists. Progress is challenging, particularly under global change scenarios, but some ...