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    • The barley mutant happy under the sun 1 (hus1): a further step towards a new generation of pale green crops. 

      Rotasperti, Lisa; Tadini, Luca; Chiara, Matteo; Crosatti, Cristina; Guerra, Davide; Tagliani, Andrea; Forlani, Sara; Ezquer, Ignacio; Horner, David S.; Jahns, Peter; Gajek, Katarzyna; García, Addy; Savin, Roxana; Rossini, Laura; Tondelli, Alessandro; Janiak, Agnieszka; Pesaresi, Paolo (Elsevier, 2022-01-24)
      Truncated antenna size of photosystems and lower leaf chlorophyll content has been shown to increase photosynthetic efficiency and biomass accumulation in microalgae, cyanobacteria and higher plants grown under high-density ...