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    • Impaired PLP-dependent metabolism in brain samples from Huntington disease patients and transgenic R6/1 mice 

      Sorolla Bardají, Maria Alba; Rodríguez Colman, Maria José; Vall-llaura Espinosa, Núria; Vived Maza, Celia; Fernández Nogales, Marta; Lucas, José J.; Ferrer, Isidre; Cabiscol Català, Elisa (Springer Science, Business Media, 2016-06)
      Oxidative stress has been described as important to Huntington disease (HD) progression. In a previous HD study, we identified several carbonylated proteins, including pyridoxal kinase and antiquitin, both of which are ...
    • Reversible glutathionylation of Sir2 by monothiol glutaredoxins Grx3/4 regulates stress resistance 

      Vall-llaura Espinosa, Núria; Reverter Branchat, Gemma; Vived Maza, Celia; Weertman, Naomi; Rodríguez Colman, Maria José; Cabiscol Català, Elisa (Elsevier, 2016)
      The regulatory mechanisms of yeast Sir2, the founding member of the sirtuin family involved in oxidative stress and aging, are unknown. Redox signaling controls many cellular functions, especially under stress situations, ...