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    • A novel source for miR-21 expression through the alternative polyadenylation of VMP1 gene transcripts 

      Ribas i Fortuny, Judit; Ni, Xiaohua; Castanares, Mark; Liu, Minzhi M.; Esopi, David; Yegnasubramanian, Srinivasan; Rodriguez, Ronald; Mendell, Joshua T.; Lupold, Shawn E. (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      miR-21 is the most commonly over-expressed microRNA (miRNA) in cancer and a proven oncogene. Hsa-miR-21 is located on chromosome 17q23.2, immediately downstream of the vacuole membrane protein-1 (VMP1) gene, also known as ...
    • Prostate-targeted radiosensitization via aptamer-shRNA chimeras in human tumor xenografts 

      Ni, Xiaohua; Zhang, Yonggang; Ribas i Fortuny, Judit; Chowdhury, Wasim H.; Castanares, Mark; Zhang, Zhewei; Laiho, Marikki; DeWeese, Theodore L.; Lupold, Shawn E. (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2011)
      Dose-escalated radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer (PCa) has a clear therapeutic benefit; however, escalated doses may also increase injury to noncancerous tissues. Radiosensitizing agents can improve ...