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  • Impact on polytrauma patient prehospital care during the frst wave of the COVID‑19 pandemic: a cross‑sectional study 

    Solà, Silvia; Yuguero Torres, Oriol; Roig, Guillermo; Prieto Arruñada, José Antonio; Español, Jaume; Morales Álvarez, Jorge; Muñoz, Manuel; Verge, Juan José; Jiménez Fàbrega, Xavier (Springer, 2021)
    Background The extraordinary situation caused by the onset of COVID-19 has meant that at prehospital level, the number of treatments, profle and time taken to respond for treating time-dependent pathologies has been greatly ...
  • The Risk of Hospitalization in COVID-19 Patients Can Be Predicted by Lung Ultrasound in Primary Care 

    Martínez Redondo, Javier; Comas Rodríguez, Carles; Pujol Salud, Jesús; Crespo Pons, Montserrat; García-Serrano, Cristina; Ortega Bravo, Marta; Palacín Peruga, Jose María (MDPI, 2021)
  • Clinical Usefulness of Anthropometric Indices to Predict the Presence of Prediabetes. Data from the ILERVAS Cohort 

    Sánchez, Marta; Sánchez Peña, Enric; Bermúdez López, Marcelino; Torres, Gerard; Farràs-Sallés, Cristina; Pamplona Gras, Reinald; Castro-Boqué, Eva; Valdivielso Revilla, José Manuel; Purroy Garcia, Francisco; Martínez Alonso, Montserrat; Godoy i García, Pere; Mauricio Puente, Dídac; Fernández i Giráldez, Elvira; Hernández García, Marta; Rius, Ferran; Lecube Torelló, Albert (MDPI, 2021-03-23)
    Prediabetes is closely related to excess body weight and adipose distribution. For this reason, we aimed to assess and compare the diagnostic usefulness of ten anthropometric adiposity indices to predict prediabetes. ...
  • COVID infection displaces serious cardiovascular disease from the resuscitation room 

    Yuguero Torres, Oriol; Guzmán, Marianela; Vidal, Carmel; Pardos, César; Gros Navés, Silvia; Viladrosa, Maria (SAGE, 2021)
    The SARS-COV2 Pandemic has required the emergency departments to focus their attention and care to COVID-19-diagnosed patients over patients with other pathologies. Descriptive study of patients attended in the resuscitation ...
  • The Use of Multiple Correspondence Analysis to Explore Associations between Categories of Qualitative Variables and Cancer Incidence 

    Florensa Cazorla, Dídac; Godoy i García, Pere; Mateo Fornés, Jordi; Solsona Tehàs, Francesc; Pedrol, Tere; Mesas, Miquel; Pinol, Ramon (IEEE, 2021)
    Background: Previous works have shown that risk factors for some kinds of cancer depend on people's lifestyle (e.g. rural or urban residence). This article looks into this, seeking relationships between cancer, age group, ...
  • Dermatological Manifestations in the Intensive Care Unit: A Practical Approach 

    Badia Castello, Mariona; Casanova i Seuma, Josep M. (Josep Manel); Servià Goixart, Lluís; Montserrat, Neus; Codina, Jordi; Trujillano Cabello, Javier (Hindawi, 2020-09-26)
    Dermatological problems are not usually related to intensive medicine because they are considered to have a low impact on the evolution of critical patients. Despite this, dermatological manifestations (DMs) are relatively ...
  • Suicide, the main cause of referral of patients from a general hospital for psychiatric evaluation 

    Gómez, Elena; Guzmán, Marianela; Yuguero Torres, Oriol (Heighten Science Publications Corporation (HSPC), 2021)
    Introduction: Psychiatric emergencies constitute between 1% - 10% of general emergencies in Spain, of which a quarter will end up being hospital admissions. There is little literature on patients who are referred from ...
  • Diabetic and dyslipidaemic morbidly obese exhibit more liver alterations compared with healthy morbidly obese 

    Pardina, Eva; Ferrer, Roser; Rossell, Joana; Baena-Fustegueras, Juan A; Lecube Torelló, Albert; Fort, José Manuel; Caubet, Enric; González, Óscar; Vilallonga, Ramón; Vargas, Víctor; Balibrea, José María; Peinado-Onsurbe, Julia (Elsevier, 2016)
    Background & aims: To study the origin of fat excess in the livers of morbidly obese (MO) individuals, we analysed lipids and lipases in both plasma and liver and genes involved in lipid transport, or related with, in that ...
  • Higher Accuracy of Lung Ultrasound over Chest X-ray for Early Diagnosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia 

    Martínez Redondo, Javier; Comas Rodríguez, Carles; Pujol Salud, Jesús; Crespo Pons, Montserrat; García Serrano, Cristina; Ortega Bravo, Marta; Palacín Peruga, Jose María (MDPI, 2021)
    Background: The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly strained healthcare systems worldwide. The reference standard for diagnosis is a positive reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) test, but results are not immediate ...
  • Calculation of iris-claw IOL power for correction of late in-the-bag IOL complex dislocation 

    Huerva, Valentín; Ascaso, Francisco J.; Caral, Isabel; Grzybowski, Andrzej (BMC, 2017)
    Background: To assess the constants and formula for aphakia correction with iris-claw IOLs to achieve the best refractive status in cases of late in-the-bag IOL complex dislocation. Methods: A literature search was performed. ...
  • Epidemiology, Etiology, and Prevention of Late IOL-Capsular Bag Complex Dislocation: Review of the Literature 

    Ascaso, Francisco J.; Huerva, Valentín; Grzybowski, Andrzej (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2015)
    Posterior chamber intraocular lens (PC-IOL) subluxation is uncommon but represents one of the most serious complications following phacoemulsification. Late spontaneous IOL-capsular bag complex dislocation is defined as ...
  • Importance of assessing CK19 immunostaining in core biopsies in patients subjected to sentinel node study by OSNA 

    Vilardell, Felip; Novell Álvarez, Anna; Martin, Javier; Santacana, Maria; Velasco Sánchez, Ana; Díez-Castro, M. J.; Cuevas, Dolors; Panadés, Maria José; González, Serafín; Llombart, Antonio; Iglesias Martínez, Eldemiro; Matias-Guiu, Xavier (Springer, 2012)
    Analysis of sentinel lymph node (SLN) by means of One-Step Nucleic Acid Amplification (OSNA) is being used increasingly as a very sensitive and quick method for intraoperative axillary staging in patients with breast ...
  • Trends and patterns in the use of computed tomography in children and young adults in Catalonia — results from the EPI-CT study 

    Bosch de Basea, Magda; Salotti, Jane A.; Pearce, Mark S.; Muchart, Jordi; Riera, Luis; Barber, Ignasi; Pedraza, Salvador; Pardina Solano, Marina Asunción; Capdevila, Antoni; Espinosa, Ana; Cardis, Elisabeth (Springer, 2016)
    Background Although there are undeniable diagnostic benefits of CT scanning, its increasing use in paediatric radiology has become a topic of concern regarding patient radioprotection. Objective To assess the rate of CT ...
  • Cumplimiento del estudio de contactos de personals diagnosticadas de VIH/ITS en las comarcas de Lleida 

    Vilela, Álvaro; Bach, Pilar; Godoy i García, Pere (Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad, 2019)
    Fundamentos: El estudio de contactos constituye una de las principales actividades de vigilancia epidemiológica en salud pública. El objetivo principal de este estudio fue estimar el grado de su cumplimiento por parte de ...
  • Multi-organ point-of-care ultrasound for COVID-19 (PoCUS4COVID): international expert consensus 

    Hussain, Arif; Via, Gabriele; Melniker, Lawrence; Gof, Alberto; Tavazzi, Guido; Neri, Luca; Villen, Tomas; Hoppmann, Richard; Mojoli, Francesco; Noble, Vicki; Zieleskiewicz, Laurent; Blanco, Pablo; Ma, Irene W. Y.; Wahab, Mahathar Abd.; Alsaawi, Abdulmohsen; Salamah, Majid Al; Balik, Martin; Barca, Diego; Bendjelid, Karim; Bouhemad, Belaid; Bravo‑Figueroa, Pablo; Breitkreutz, Raoul; Calderon, Juan; Connolly, Jim; Copetti, Roberto; Corradi, Francesco; Dean, Anthony J.; Denault, André; Govil, Deepak; Graci, Carmela; Ha, Young‑Rock; Hurtado, Laura; Kameda, Toru; Lanspa, Michael; Laursen, Christian B.; Lee, Francis; Liu, Rachel; Meineri, Massimiliano; Montorfano, Miguel; Nazerian, Peiman; Nelson, Bret P.; Neskovic, Aleksandar N.; Nogue Bou, Ramon Maria; Osman, Adi; Pazeli, José; Pereira‑Junior, Elmo; Petrovic, Tomislav; Pivetta, Emanuele; Poelaert, Jan; Price, Susanna; Prosen, Gregor; Rodriguez, Shalim; Rola, Philippe; Royse, Colin; Chen, Yale Tung; Wells, Mike; Wong, Adrian; Xiaoting, Wang; Zhen, Wang; Arabi, Yaseen (BMC, 2020)
    COVID-19 has caused great devastation in the past year. Multi-organ point-of-care ultrasound (PoCUS) including lung ultrasound (LUS) and focused cardiac ultrasound (FoCUS) as a clinical adjunct has played a signifcant role ...
  • Machine learning techniques for mortality prediction in critical traumatic patients: anatomic and physiologic variables from the RETRAUCI study 

    Servià Goixart, Lluís; Montserrat, Neus; Badia Castello, Mariona; Llompart-Pou, Juan Antonio; Barea-Mendoza, Jesús Abelardo; Chico-Fernández, Mario; Sánchez-Casado, Marcelino; Jiménez, José Manuel; Mayor, Dolores María; Trujillano Cabello, Javier (BMC, 2020-10-20)
    Interest in models for calculating the risk of death in traumatic patients admitted to ICUs remains high. These models use variables derived from the deviation of physiological parameters and/or the severity of anatomical ...
  • Usefulness of clinical definitions of influenza for public health surveillance purposes 

    Domínguez, Ángela; Soldevila, Núria; Torner, Núria; Martínez, Ana; Godoy i García, Pere; Rius, Cristina; Jané, Mireia (MDPI, 2020)
    This study investigated the performance of various case definitions and influenza symptoms in a primary healthcare sentinel surveillance system. A retrospective study of the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of ...
  • Meningococcal disease and vaccines: still many questions and some answers 

    Godoy i García, Pere; Castilla, Jesús; Astray, Jenaro; Tuells, José; Barrabeig, Irene; Domínguez, Ángela (Sociedad Española de Salud Pública y Administración Sanitaria, 2020)
  • Hospital-acquired influenza infections detected by a surveillance system over six seasons, from 2010/2011 to 2015/2016 

    Godoy i García, Pere; Torner Gràcia, Núria; Soldevila, Núria; Rius, C.; Jane, M.; Martínez, Ana; Caylà, Joan A.; Domínguez García, Àngela (BioMed Central, 2020)
    Background: In addition to outbreaks of nosocomial influenza, sporadic nosocomial influenza infections also occur but are generally not reported in the literature. This study aimed to determine the epidemiologic ...

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