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    • Emergence patterns of rare arable plants and conservation implications 

      Torra Farré, Joel; Forcella, Frank; Recasens i Guinjuan, Jordi; Royo-Esnal, Aritz (MDPI, 2020-03-01)
      Knowledge on the emergence patterns of rare arable plants (RAP) is essential to design their conservation in Europe. This study hypothesizes that is possible to find functional groups with similar emergence patterns within ...
    • Harvester ant nest distribution depends on soil disturbance regime 

      Baraibar Padró, Bàrbara; Torra Farré, Joel; Royo-Esnal, Aritz; Recasens i Guinjuan, Jordi; Comas Rodríguez, Carles (Elsevier, 2018-09-17)
      Nest densities of harvester ants (Messor barbarus) are high in rain-fed cereal fields in north-eastern Spain where the ants remove large quantities of seeds, contributing to reductions in weed populations. The distribution ...