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    • After sigmatism: What we learned on spatiotemporal changes in grassland communities after 10 years 

      Sebastià, Ma. T.; Canals, Rosa M.; Gamarra, Javier G. P. (Universitat de Barcelona, 1998)
      In this paper we summarize our findings on grassland communities after more than ten years of research on spatiotemporal patterns of vegetation, phenology, productivity and species richness. Grassland species from the ...
    • Modeling emergence of sterile oat (Avena sterilis ssp. ludoviciana) under semiarid conditions 

      Sousa Ortega, Carlos; Royo-Esnal, Aritz; Loureiro, Iñigo; Marí León, Ana Isabel; Lezáun San Martín, Juan Antonio; Cordero, Fernando; Saavedra, Milagros; Paramio, José Antonio; Fernández, José Luis; Torra, Joel; Urbano, José María (Cambridge University Press, 2021)
      Winter wild oat [Avena sterilisssp. ludoviciana (Durieu) Gillet & Magne; referred to as A. sterilis here] is one of the major weed species of the Avena genus, given its high competitive ability to infest cereal crops ...