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    • Above-soil and in-soil degradation of oxo- and biodegradable mulches: a qualitative approach 

      Martin-Closas, Lluis; Costa Tura, Joan; Cirujeda Ranzenberger, Alicia; Aibar, J.; Zaragoza, C.; Pardo, A.; Suso, M. L.; Moreno, M. M.; Moreno, C.; Lahoz, I.; Mácua, J.; Pelacho Aja, Ana Mª (CSIRO Publishing, 2016)
      Degradable materials have been suggested to overcome accumulation in the field of persistent plastic residues associated with the increasing use of polyethylene mulches. New degradable materials have been proven successful ...
    • Degradation of agricultural biodegradable plastics in the soil under laboratory conditions 

      Barragán, Dan Jarry; Pelacho Aja, Ana Mª; Martin-Closas, Lluis (CSIRO Publishing, 2016)
      Mulches, usually consisting of polyethylene films, are used in agriculture to improve production. The main drawback of using polyethylene is its extremely high stability. Removing it from the field is usually not feasible, ...