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    • Characterization of cuticle composition after cold storage of "Celeste" and "Somerset" sweet cherry fruit 

      Belge, Burcu; Llovera i Arcas, Montserrat; Comabella, Eva; Gatius Cortiella, Ferran; Guillén, Pere; Graell i Sarle, Jordi; Lara Ayala, Isabel (American Chemical Society, 2014-08-04)
      Cuticle composition and structure may be relevant factors affecting the storage potential of fruits, but very few studies have analyzed fruit cuticle composition from a postharvest perspective. In this work, the chemical ...
    • Cuticular wax composition of ʻCelesteʼ and ʻSomersetʼ cherry fruit 

      Belge, Burcu; Comabella, Eva; Graell i Sarle, Jordi; Gatius Cortiella, Ferran; Guillén, Pere; Llovera i Arcas, Montserrat; Lara Ayala, Isabel (International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), 2017)
      The cuticular layer plays an important role in protecting fruits against water loss and invasive microorganisms and insects, both during on-tree development and postharvest storage. There is also experimental evidence that ...
    • Envasado de cerezas 'Sweet Heart' en atmósfera modificada: calidad y compuestos bioactivos 

      Camats, Josep A.; Graell i Sarle, Jordi; Comabella, Eva; Ortiz Catalán, Abel; Lara Ayala, Isabel (Interempresas Media, 2013)
      Para evitar el rápido deterioro de las cerezas en la fase poscosecha es conveniente aplicar tratamientos que frenen la maduración del fruto, y, en consecuencia, que ayuden a mantener su calidad y contenido en compuestos ...