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    • Electrostatic Effects in Biosorption. The Role of the Electrochemistry 

      Lodeiro, Pablo; Barriada, José L.; Herrero, Roberto; Sastre de Vicente, Manuel E. (Sociedade Portuguesa de Electroquímica, 2007)
      Biosorption is the passive sequestration of pollutants by non-metabolizing non-living biomass. The technique emerged in 1980's as a possible alternative method for wastewater treatments in an environmentally friendly manner. ...
    • The proton binding properties of biosorbents 

      Lodeiro, Pablo; Martínez-Cabanas, María; Herrero, Roberto; Barriada, José L.; Vilariño, Teresa; Rodríguez-Barro, Pilar; Sastre de Vicente, Manuel E. (Springer Nature, 2019-04-15)
      A broad variety of materials of biological origin have been successfully used in recent decades for the removal of pollutants from waters. These biosorbents include natural polymers that play a key role for adsorption. It ...