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    • Competition effects in cation binding to humic acid: conditional affinity spectra for fixed total metal concentration conditions 

      David, Calin; Mongin, Sandrine; Rey Castro, Carlos; Galceran i Nogués, Josep; Companys Ferran, Encarnació; Garcés, Josep Lluís; Salvador, José; Puy Llorens, Jaume; Cecilia Averós, Joan; Lodeiro, Pablo; Mas, Francesc (Elsevier, 2010)
      Information on the Pb and Cd binding to a purified Aldrich humic acid (HA) is obtained from the influence of different fixed total metal concentrations on the acid-base titrations of this ligand. NICA (Non-Ideal Competitive ...
    • Ion binding to polyelectrolytes: Monte Carlo simulations versus classical mean field theories 

      Madurga, Sergio; Garcés, Josep Lluís; Companys Ferran, Encarnació; Rey Castro, Carlos; Salvador, José; Galceran i Nogués, Josep; Vilaseca i Font, Eudald; Puy Llorens, Jaume; Mas i Pujadas, Francesc (Springer Verlag, 2009)
      The influence of ion size and surface charge model in titrations of ionizable polyelectrolytes is studied by means of the Semi Grand Canonical Monte Carlo simulation method in the context of the primitive model. Three ...