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    • Quantifying Ice-Sheet Derived Lead (Pb) Fluxes to the Ocean; A Case Study at Nioghalvfjerdsbræ 

      Krisch, Stephan; Huhn, Oliver; Al-Hashem, Ali; Hopwood, Mark J.; Lodeiro, Pablo; Achterberg, Eric P. (John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2022)
      Concentrations of the toxic element lead (Pb) are elevated in seawater due to historical emissions. While anthropogenic atmospheric emissions are the dominant source of dissolved Pb (dPb) to the Atlantic Ocean, evidence ...
    • The 79°N Glacier cavity modulates subglacial iron export to the NE Greenland Shelf 

      Krisch, Stephan; Hopwood, Mark J.; Schaffer, Janin; Al-Hashem, Ali; Höfer, Juan; van der Loeff, Michiel M. Rutgers; Conway, Tim M.; Summers, Brent A.; Lodeiro, Pablo; Ardiningsih, Indah; Steffens, Tim; Achterberg, Eric P. (Nature Research, 2021)
      Approximately half of the freshwater discharged from the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets enters the ocean subsurface as a result of basal ice melt, or runoff draining via the grounding line of a deep ice shelf or ...