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    • Relationships between Karolinska Personality Scales and the new factors and facets of the Zuckerman-Kuhlman-Aluja Personality Questionnaire 

      Escorial Martín, Sergio; Aluja Fabregat, Antón; García Rodríguez, Luis Francisco; García, Oscar; Blanch Plana, Angel (Facultad de psicología, Universidad de Málaga, 2015)
      Psychobiological models of personality are of great use in clinical and research settings given their potential to construct working hypotheses on biological and behavioural correlates, as well as to predict vulnerability ...
    • The differentiation hypothesis and the Flynn effect 

      Juan-Espinosa, Manuel; Cuevas Esteban, Lara; Escorial Martín, Sergio; García Rodríguez, Luis Francisco (Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos del Principado de Asturias; Universidad de Oviedo. Departamento de Psicología, 2006)
      Many studies have shown that IQs have been increasing over the last half century. These increases have come to be known as «the Flynn effect». The «Flynn effect» represents a difference on ability-level between groups of ...