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    • Five-Year Risk of Stroke after TIA or Minor Ischemic Stroke 

      Amarenco, Pierre; Lavallée, Philippa C.; Tavares, Linsay Monteiro; Labreuche, Julien; Albers, Gregory W.; Abboud, Halim; Anticoli, Sabrina; Audebert, Heinrich; Bornstein, Natan M.; Caplan, Louis R.; Correia, Manuel; Donnan, Geoffrey A.; Ferro, José M.; Gongora-Rivera, Fernando; Heide, Wolfgang; Hennerici, Michael G.; Kelly, Peter J.; Král, Michal; Lin, Hsiu-Fen; Molina, Carlos; Park, Jong Moo; Purroy Garcia, Francisco; Rothwell, Peter M.; Segura, Tomás; Školoudík, David; Steg, Philippe Gabriel; Touboul, Pierre-Jean; Uchiyama, Shinichiro; Vicaut, Éric; Wang, Yongjun; Wong, Lawrence K.S (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2018)
      BACKGROUND After a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or minor stroke, the long-term risk of stroke and other vascular events is not well known. In this follow-up to a report on 1-year outcomes from a registry of TIA clinics ...