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    • Abnormal degradation of the neuronal stress-protective transcription factor HSF1 in Huntington’s disease 

      Gomez Pastor, Rocio; Burchfiel, Eileen T.; Neef, Daniel W.; Jaeger, Alex M.; Cabiscol Català, Elisa; McKinstry, Spencer U.; Doss, Argenia; Aballay, Alejandro; Lo, Donald C.; Akimov, Sergey S.; Ross, Christopher A.; Eroglu, Cagla; Thiele, Dennis J. (Nature, 2017)
      Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative disease caused by poly-glutamine expansion in the Htt protein, resulting in Htt misfolding and cell death. Expression of the cellular protein folding and pro-survival machinery ...