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    • Extensive sheep and goat production: the role of novel technologies towards sustainability and animal welfare 

      Silva, Severiano R.; Sacarrao-Birrento, Laura; Almeida, Mariana; Ribeiro, David M.; Guedes, Cristina; Gonzalez Montana, Jose Ramiro; Pereira, Alfredo F.; Zaralis, Konstantinos; Geraldo, Ana; Tzamaloukas, Ouranios; González Cabrera, Marta; Castro, Noemi; Arguello, Anastasio; Hernández-Castellano, Lorenzo E.; Alonso-Diez, Àngel J.; Martín, María J.; Cal-Pereyra, Luis G.; Stilwell, George; Almeida, André M. de (MDPI, 2022)
      Simple Summary New technologies have been recognized as valuable in controlling, monitoring, and managing farm animal activities. It makes it possible to deepen the knowledge of animal behavior and improve animal welfare ...