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    • Nutritional Wasting Disorders in Sheep 

      Asín, Javier; Ramírez, Gustavo A.; Navarro, Mauricio A.; Nyaoke, Akinyi C.; Henderson, Eileen E.; Mendonça, Fábio S.; Molín, Jéssica; Uzal, Francisco A. (MDPI, 2021-02-15)
      The different ovine production and breeding systems share the cornerstone of keeping a good body condition to ensure adequate productivity. Several infectious and parasitic disorders have detrimental effects on weight gains ...
    • Toxic Wasting Disorders in Sheep 

      Molín, Jéssica; Mendonça, Fábio S.; Henderson, Eileen E.; Nyaoke, Akinyi C.; Ramírez, Gustavo A.; Navarro, Mauricio A.; Uzal, Francisco A.; Asín, Javier (MDPI, 2021-01-18)
      Infectious and parasitic agents have been frequently associated with debilitating and wasting conditions in sheep. The prevalence of these agents has probably undermined the role of toxic causes as contributors to such ...