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    • Clinical response to pandemic H1N1 influenza virus from a fatal and mild case in ferrets 

      Martinez-Orellana, Pamela; Martorell, Jaume; Vidaña, Beatriz; Majó, Natalia; Martínez, Jorge; Falcón, Ana; Rodríguez-Frandsen, Ariel; Casas, Inmaculada; Pozo, Francisco; García-Migura, Lourdes; García-Barreno, Blanca; Melero, Jose A.; Fraile Sauce, Lorenzo José; Nieto, Amelia; Montoya, Maria (BioMed Central, 2015)
      Methods: Viral strains isolated from a patient showing mild disease-M (A/CastillaLaMancha/RR5661/2009) or from a fatal case-F (A/CastillaLaMancha/RR5911/2009), both without known comorbid conditions, were inoculated in two ...
    • Differential viral-host immune interactions associated with Oseltamivir-resistant H275Y and wild type H1N1 A(pdm09) Influenza virus pathogenicity 

      Vidaña, Beatriz; Martinez-Orellana, Pamela; Martorell, Jaume; Baratelli, Massimiliano; Martínez, Jorge; García-Migura, Lourdes; Córdoba, Lorena; Pérez, Mónica; Casas, Inmaculada; Pozo, Francisco; Fraile Sauce, Lorenzo José; Majó, Natalia; Montoya, Maria (MDPI, 2020)
      Oseltamivir is a common therapy against influenza A virus (IAV) infections. The acquisition of oseltamivir resistance (OR) mutations, such as H275Y, hampers viral fitness. However, OR H1N1 viruses have demonstrated the ...