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    • Porcine circovirus 3 is highly prevalent in serum and tissues and may persistently infect wild boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) 

      Klaumann, Francini; Dias-Alves, Andrea; Cabezón Ponsoda, Óscar; Mentaberre García, Gregorio; Castillo-Contreras, Raquel; López-Béjar, M.; Casas-Díaz, Encarna; Sibila, Marina; Correa Fiz, Florencia; Segalés, Joaquim (Blackwell Verlag GmbH, 2018-08-29)
      Porcine circovirus 3 (PCV‐3) prevalence has been minimally investigated in wild boar; dynamics of infection and viral tissue distribution are currently unknown. In this study, serum samples from 518 wild boar (from years ...