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    • A strategy to exploit surrogate sire technology in livestock breeding programs 

      Gottardo, Paolo; Gorjanc, Gregor; Battagin, Mara; Gaynor, R.Chris; Jenko, Janez; Ros Freixedes, Roger; Whitelaw, C.Bruce A.; Mileham, Alan J.; Herring, William O.; Hickey, John M. (Genetics Society of America, 2019-01-09)
      In this work, we performed simulations to develop and test a strategy for exploiting surrogate sire technology in animal breeding programs. Surrogate sire technology allows the creation of males that lack their own germline ...
    • Accuracy of whole-genome sequence imputation using hybrid peeling in large pedigreed livestock populations 

      Ros Freixedes, Roger; Whalen, Andrew; Chen, Ching-Yi; Gorjanc, Gregor; Herring, William O.; Mileham, Alan J.; Hickey, John M. (BMC (part of Springer Nature), 2020-04-06)
      Background: The coupling of appropriate sequencing strategies and imputation methods is critical for assembling large whole-genome sequence datasets from livestock populations for research and breeding. In this paper, we ...
    • Genetic variation in recombination rate in the pig 

      Johnsson, Martin; Whalen, Andrew; Ros Freixedes, Roger; Gorjanc, Gregor; Chen, Ching-Yi; Herring, William O.; Koning, Dirk‑Jan de; Hickey, John M. (BMC (part of Springer Nature), 2021-06-25)
      Background: Meiotic recombination results in the exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes. Recombination rate varies between different parts of the genome, between individuals, and is influenced by ...