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    • Bayes factors for detection of quantitative trait loci 

      Varona Aguado, Luís; García Cortés, Luis Alberto; Perez Enciso, Miguel (BioMed Central, 2001)
      A fundamental issue in quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping is to determine the plausibility of the presence of a QTL at a given genome location. Bayesian analysis offers an attractive way of testing alternative models ...
    • Hypothesis testing for the genetic background of quantitative traits 

      García Cortés, Luis Alberto; Cabrillo, Carlos; Moreno, Carlos; Varona Aguado, Luís (BioMed Central, 2001)
      The testing of Bayesian point null hypotheses on variance component models have resulted in a tough assigmment for which no clear and generally accepted method exists. In this work we present what we believe is a succeeding ...