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    • Differentially methylated regions within lung cancer risk loci are enriched in deregulated enhancers 

      Laplana Lafaja, Marina; Bieg, Matthias; Faltus, Christian; Melnik, Svitlana; Bogatyrova, Olga; Gu, Zuguang; Muley, Thomas; Meister, Michael; Dienemann, Hendrik C.; Herpel, Esther; Amos, Christopher I.; Schlesner, Matthias; Eils, Roland; Plass, Christoph; Risch, Angela (Taylor & Francis, 2022)
      Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified SNPs linked with lung cancer risk. Our aim was to discover the genes, non-coding RNAs, and regulatory elements within GWAS-identified risk regions that are deregulated ...