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    • Toll Like Receptor 2 promoter -196 to -174 deletion affects CD4 levels along HIV infection progression 

      Laplana Lafaja, Marina; Bravo, M. J.; Fernández-Fuertes, M.; Ruiz-García, C.; Alarcón-Martin, E.; Colmenero, J. D.; Caruz, Antonio; Fibla Palazón, Joan; Real, Luis M.; Royo Sánchez-Palencia, José Luis (Infectious Diseases Society of America; Oxford University Press, 2020-06-09)
      TLR2 plays a key role in innate immune response recognizing molecular patterns expressed by pathogens. rs111200466 is a TLR2 promoter Insertion/Deletion polymorphism with contradictory data about its role in HIV-1 infection. ...