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    • The genetic ancestry of American Creole cattle inferred from uniparental and autosomal genetic markers 

      Ginja, Catarina; Gama, Luis Telo; Cortés, Oscar; Martin Burriel, Inmaculada; Vega Pla, José Luis; Penedo, Cecilia; Sponenberg, D. Phillip; Cañon Ferreras, Javier; Sanz, Arianne; Egito, Andrea Alves do; Alvarez, Luz Angela; Giovambattista, Guillermo; Agha, Saif; Rogberg-Muñoz, Andrés; Cassiano Lara, Maria Aparecida; BioBovis Consortium; Delgado, Juan Vicente; Martinez, Amparo; Parés Casanova, Pere-Miquel (Springer Nature Publishing AG, 2019-08-07)
      Cattle imported from the Iberian Peninsula spread throughout America in the early years of discovery and colonization to originate Creole breeds, which adapted to a wide diversity of environments and later received influences ...