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  • Metodología de evaluación del riesgo de incendios forestales y priorización de tratamientos multifuncionales en paisajes mediterráneos 

    Alcasena, Fermín; Vega García, Cristina; Ager, Alan A.; Salis, Michele; Nauslar, Nicholas J.; Mendizabal, F.J.; Castell, Rafael (Universidad de La Rioja, 2019)
    En las regiones mediterráneas, el efecto combinado del éxodo rural, la falta de gestión forestal y las políticas de supresión de incendios han contribuido notablemente en el aumento de la carga y continuidad de los ...
  • Special issue on 'Terrestrial laser scanning': editors' notes 

    Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Gregorio López, Eduard; Llorens Calveras, Jordi (MDPI, 2019-10-21)
    In this editorial, we provide an overview of the content of the special issue on 'Terrestrial Laser Scanning'. The aim of this Special Issue is to bring together innovative developments and applications of terrestrial laser ...
  • Analyzing the recent dynamics of wildland fires in Quercus suber L. woodlands in Sardinia (Italy), Corsica (France) and Catalonia (Spain) 

    Salis, Michele; Arca, Bachisio; Alcasena, Fermín; Massaiu, Antonella; Bacciu, Valentina; Bosseur, Fréderic; Caramelle, Philippe; Dettori, Sandro; Oliveira, Ana Sofia Fernandes de; Molina Terrén, Domingo; Santoni, Paul‑Antoine; Spano, Donatella; Vega García, Cristina; Duce, Pierpaolo (Springer Nature, 2019-02-20)
    Wildland fires represent a major threat to Quercus suber L. ecosystems, which provide relevant socioeconomic and ecological services in the Mediterranean Basin. In this work, we analyzed recent wildland fire dynamics in ...
  • Perceptions of U.S. and Canadian maple syrup producers toward climate change, its impacts, and potential adaptation measures 

    Legault, Simon; Houle, Daniel; Plouffe, Antoine; Améztegui González, Aitor; Kuehn, Diane; Chase, Lisa; Blondlot, Anne; Perkins, Timothy D. (Public Library of Science, 2019-04-25)
    The production of maple syrup is an important cultural and economic activity directly related to the climate of northeastern North America. As a result, there are signs that climate change could have negative impacts on ...
  • El canvi d'usos i l'expansió del pi negre (Pinus uncinata Ram.) al Pirineu català (1956-2006) 

    Améztegui González, Aitor; Coll Mir, Lluís (Consorci Forestal de Catalunya, 2009)
  • BAAD: a Biomass And Allometry Database for woody plants 

    Falster, Daniel S.; Duursma, Remko A.; Ishihara, Masae I.; Barneche, Diego R.; FitzJohn, Richard G.; Vårhammar, Angelica; Aiba, Mashiro; Ando, Makoto; Anten, Niels P. R.; Aspinwall, Michael J.; Baltzer, Jennifer L.; Baraloto, Christopher; Battaglia, Michael; Battles, John J.; Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Breugel, Michiel van; Camac, James; Claveau, Yves; Coll Mir, Lluís; Dannoura, Masako; Delagrange, Sylvain; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Fatemi, Farrah; Feng, Wang; Gargaglione, Veronica; Goto, Yoshiaki; Hagihara, Akio; Hall, Jefferson S.; Hamilton, Steve; Harja, Degi; Hiura, Tsutom; Holdaway, Robert; Hutley, Lindsay B.; Ichie, Tomoaki; Jokela, Eric J.; Kantola, Anu; Kelly, Jeff W.; Kenzo, Tanaka; King, David; Kloeppel, Brian D.; Komiyama, Akira; Laclau, Jean-Paul; Lusk, Christopher H.; Maguire, Douglas A.; Maire, Guerric le; Mäkelä, Annikki; Markesteijn, Lars; Marshall, John; McCulloh, Katherine; Miyata, Itsuo; Mokany, Karel; Mori, Shigeta; Myster, Randall W.; Nagano, Masahiro; Naidu, Shawna L.; Nouvellon, Yann; O'Grady, Anthony P.; O'Hara, Kevin L. (Kevin Laughlin); Ohtsuka, Toshiyuki; Osada, Noriyuki; Osunkoya, Olusegun O.; Peri, Pablo L.; Petritan, Any Mary; Poorter, Lourens; Portsmuth, Angelika; Potvin, Catherine; Ransijn, Johannes; Reid, Douglas; Ribeiro, Sabina C.; Roberts, Scott D.; Rodríguez, Rolando; Saldaña-Acosta, Angela; Santa Regina Rodriguez, Ignacio; Sasa, Kaichiro; Selaya, N. Galia; Sillett, Stephen C.; Sterck, Frank; Takagi, Kentaro; Tange, Takeshi; Tanouchi, Hiroyuki; Tissue, David T.; Umehara, Toru; Utsugi, Hajime; Vadeboncoeur, Matthew A.; Valladares, Fernando; Vanninen, Petteri; Wang, Jian R.; Wenk, Elizabeth; Williams, Richard J.; Ximenes, Fabiano de Aquino; Yamaba, Atsushi; Yamada, Toshihiro; Yamakura, Takuo; Yanai, Ruth D.; York, Robert A. (Ecological Society of America, 2015)
    Understanding how plants are constructed i.e., how key size dimensions and the amount of mass invested in different tissues varies among individuals is essential for modeling plant growth, carbon stocks, and energy fluxes ...
  • Trajectory analysis in community ecology 

    De Cáceres, Miquel; Coll Mir, Lluís; Legendre, Pierre; Allen, Robert B.; Wiser, Susan; Fortin, Marie-Josée; Condit, Richard; Hubbell, Stephen P. (Ecological Society of America, 2019)
    Ecologists have long been interested in how communities change over time. Addressing questions about community dynamics requires ways of representing and comparing the variety of dynamics observed across space. Until now, ...
  • Fruit detection in an apple orchard using a mobile terrestrial laser scanner 

    Gené, Jordi; Gregorio López, Eduard; Guevara, Javier; Auat Cheein, Fernando A.; Sanz Cortiella, Ricardo; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Llorens Calveras, Jordi; Morros Rubió, Josep Ramon; Ruiz Hidalgo, Javier; Vilaplana Besler, Verónica; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon (Academic Press. Published by Elsevier, 2019-09-21)
    The development of reliable fruit detection and localization systems provides an opportunity to improve the crop value and management by limiting fruit spoilage and optimised harvesting practices. Most proposed systems for ...
  • La problématique de l'utilisation des herbicides en foresterie: le cas du Québec 

    Fortier, J.; Messier, Christian; Coll Mir, Lluís (Les Éditions en environnement VertigO, 2005)
    Herbicide use in forestry is analysed from an historical and environmental perspective. First chemical herbicides were developed during the Second World War. Organochloride herbicides were widely used in the past but they ...
  • Viewing forests through the lens of complex systems science 

    Filotas, Elise; Parrott, Lael; Burton, Philip; Chazdon, Robin L.; Coates, K. David; Coll Mir, Lluís; Haeussler, Sybille; Martin, Kathy; Nocentini, Susanna; Puettmann, Klaus J.; Putz, Francis E.; Simard, Suzanne W.; Messier, Christian (Ecological Society of America, 2014)
    Complex systems science provides a transdisciplinary framework to study systems characterized by (1) heterogeneity, (2) hierarchy, (3) self‐organization, (4) openness, (5) adaptation, (6) memory, (7) non‐linearity, and (8) ...
  • European Mixed Forests: Definition and research perspectives 

    Bravo Oviedo, Andrés; Pretzsch, Hans; Ammer, Christian; Andenmatten, Ernesto; Barbati, Aanna; Barreiro, Susana; Brang, Peter; Bravo, F.; Coll Mir, Lluís; Corona, Piermaria; den Ouden, Jan; Ducey, Mark J.; Forrester, David I.; Giergiczny, Marek; Jacobsen, Jette B.; Lesinski, Jerzy; Löf, Magnus; Mason, Bill; Matovic, B.; Metslaid, Marek; Morneau, François; Motiejunaite, Jurga; O'Reilly, Conor; Pach, Maciej; Ponette, Quentin; del Río, Miren; Short, Ian; Skovsgaard, Jens Peter; Soliño Millán, Mario; Spathelf, Peter; Sterba, Hubert; Stojanovic, Dejan; Strelcova, Katarina; Svoboda, M.; Verheyen, Kris; von Lüpke, Nikolas; Zlatanov, Tzvetan (Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA), 2014)
    Aim of study: We aim at (i) developing a reference definition of mixed forests in order to harmonize comparative research in mixed forests and (ii) review the research perspectives in mixed forests. Area of study: The ...
  • Forest structure of Mediterranean yew (Taxus baccata L.) populations and neighbor effects on juvenile yew performance in the NE Iberian Peninsula 

    Casals, Pere; Camprodon, Jordi; Caritat, Antònia; Ríos, Ana I.; Guixé, David; Garcia-Martí, Xavier; Martín Alcón, Santiago; Bielak, Kamil Coll Mir, Lluís (Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA), 2015)
    Aim of study: In the Mediterranean region, yew (Taxus baccata L.) usually grows with other tree species in mixed forests. Yew recruitment and juvenile growth may depend on the structure of the forest and the net balance ...
  • Modelling approaches for mixed forests dynamics prognosis. Research gaps and opportunities 

    Bravo, F.; Fabrika, Marek; Ammer, Christian; Barreiro, Susana; Bielak, Kamil; Coll Mir, Lluís; Fonseca, T.; Kangur, Ahto; Löf, Magnus; Merganičová, Katarina; Pach, Maciej; Pretzsch, Hans; Stojanović, Dejan; Schuler, Laura; Peric, Sanja; Rötzer, Thomas; del Río, Miren; Dodan, Martina; Bravo Oviedo, Andrés (Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA), 2019-04-29)
    Aim of study: Modelling of forest growth and dynamics has focused mainly on pure stands. Mixed-forest management lacks systematic procedures to forecast the impact of silvicultural actions. The main objective of the present ...
  • Estimation and uncertainty of the mixing effects on Scots pine - European beech productivity from National Forest Inventories data 

    Condés, Sonia; Sterba, Hubert; Aguirre, Ana; Bielak, Kamil; Bravo Oviedo, Andrés; Coll Mir, Lluís; Pach, Maciej; Pretzsch, Hans; Vallet, Patrick; del Río, Miren (MDPI, 2018)
    An increasing amount of research is focusing on comparing productivity in monospecific versus mixed stands, although it is difficult to reach a general consensus as mixing effects differ both in sign (over-yielding or ...
  • Forest vegetation management under debate: an introduction 

    Ammer, Christian; Balandier, P.; Scott-Bentsen, N.; Coll Mir, Lluís; Löf, Magnus (Springer, 2011)
  • Gestión selvícola y regeneración natural ante un futuro incierto: marco teórico y principios generales 

    Coll Mir, Lluís (Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales, 2014)
    Desde hace algunas décadas los bosques ibéricos están sujetos a un importante proceso de cambio, moti-vado por un conjunto de razones de índole ambiental y socio-económico. Ante este contexto de creciente in-certidumbre ...
  • Growth and yield of mixed versus pure stands of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L. ) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) analysed along a productivity gradient through Europe 

    Pretzsch, Hans; del Río, Miren; Ammer, Christian; Avdagic, A.; Barbeito, I.; Bielak, Kamil; Brazaitis, G.; Coll Mir, Lluís; Dirnberger, G.; Drössler, L.; Fabrika, M.; Forrester, David I.; Godvod, K.; Heym, Michael; Hurt, V.; Kurylyak, V.; Löf, Magnus; Lombardi, F.; Matovic, B.; Mohren, Frits; Motta, R.; van Ouden, J.; Pach, Maciej; Ponette, Quentin; Schütze, G.; Schweig, J.; Skrzyszewski, J.; Srámek, V.; Sterba, Hubert; Stojanovic, Dejan; Svoboda, M.; Vanhellemont, M.; Verheyen, Kris; Wellhausen, K.; Zlatanov, Tzvetan; Bravo-Oviedo, A. (Springer, 2015)
    Mixing of complementary tree species may increase stand productivity, mitigate the effects of drought and other risks, and pave the way to forest production systems which may be more resource-use efficient and stable in ...
  • Diaphragm valve hydraulic behavior depending on operating pressure 

    Monserrat Viscarri, Joaquín; Rubio, A.; Cots Rubió, Lluís (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2019-08-19)
    In this study, a hydraulically operated and diaphragm-actuated type of diaphragm valve using an elastic diaphragm was tested. With this type of valve, the opening fraction depends on the pipeline pressure; thus, it is ...
  • Assessment of spray drift potential reduction for hollow-cone nozzles: Part 1. Classification using indirect methods 

    Torrent Martí, Xavier; Gregorio López, Eduard; Douzals, Jean-Paul; Tinet, Cyril; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Planas de Martí, Santiago (Elsevier B.V., 2019-06-10)
    Spray drift is one of the main pollution sources identified when pesticides are sprayed on crops. In this work, in order to simplify the evaluation of hollow-cone nozzles according to their drift potential reduction, several ...
  • Assessing ranked set sampling and ancillary data to improve fruit load estimates in peach orchards 

    Uribeetxebarria Alonso de Armiño, Asier; Martínez Casasnovas, José Antonio; Tisseyre, Bruno; Guillaume, Serge; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Arnó Satorra, Jaume (Elsevier, 2019-08-08)
    Fruit load estimation at plot level before harvest is a key issue in fruit growing. To face this challenge, two sampling methods to estimate fruit load in a peach tree orchard were compared: simple random sampling (SRS) ...

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