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    • Fruiting efficiency in wheat: physiological aspects and geneticvariation among modern cultivars 

      Elía Martínez, Mónica; Savin, Roxana; Slafer, Gustavo A. (Elsevier, 2016)
      Efforts to enhance the yield of wheat require increases in the number of grains per m2 (GN) which depends on spike fertility, i.e. the number of fertile florets or grains per spike. Fruiting efficiency (FE), the number of ...
    • Genetic advance of durum wheat under high yielding conditions: the case of Chile 

      Pozo, Alejandro del; Matus, Iván; Ruf, Kurt; Castillo, Dalma; Méndez-Espinoza, Ana María; Serret Molins, M. Dolors (MDPI, 2019-08-15)
      In Chile, durum wheat is cultivated in high-yielding Mediterranean environments, therefore breeding programs have selected cultivars with high yield potential in addition to grain quality. The genetic progress in grain ...
    • Physiological basis of genotypic response to management in dryland wheat 

      de Oliveira Silva, Amanda; Slafer, Gustavo A.; Fritz, Allan K.; Lollato, Romulo P. (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      A great majority of dryland wheat producers are reluctant to intensify management due to the assumption that lack of water availability is the most critical factor limiting yield and thus, the response to management ...