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    • Predicting species distributions for conservation decisions 

      Guisan, Antoine; Tingley, Reid; Baumgartner, John B.; Naujokaitis-Lewis, Ilona; Sutcliffe, Patricia R.; Tulloch, Ayesha I. T.; Regan, Tracey J.; Brotons, Lluís; McDonald-Madden, Eve; Mantyka-Pringle, Chrystal; Martin, Tara G.; Rhodes, Jonathan R.; Maggini, Ramona; Setterfield, Samantha A.; Elith, Jane; Schwartz, Mark W.; Wintle, Brendan A.; Broennimann, Olivier; Austin, Mike; Ferrier, Simon; Kearney, Michael R.; Possingham, Hugh P.; Buckley, Y. (Wiley, 2013-10-17)
      Species distribution models (SDMs) are increasingly proposed to support conservation decision making. However, evidence of SDMs supporting solutions for on‐ground conservation problems is still scarce in the scientific ...