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    • Control of cell cycle and cell growth by molecular chaperones 

      Aldea, Martí; Garí Marsol, Eloi; Colomina i Gabarrella, Neus (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
      Cells adapt their size to both intrinsic and extrinsic demands and, among them, those that stem from growth and proliferation rates are crucial for cell size homeostasis. Here we revisit mechanisms that regulate cell cycle ...
    • Growth parameters of Penicillium expansum calculated from mixed inocula as an alternative to account for intraspecies variability 

      García, Daiana; Ramos Girona, Antonio J.; Sanchís Almenar, Vicente; Marín Sillué, Sònia (Elsevier, 2014)
      The aim of this work was to compare the radial growth rate (μ) and the lag time (λ) for growth of 25 isolates of Penicillium expansum at 1 and 20 ºC with those of the mixed inoculum of the 25 isolates. Moreover, the evolution ...
    • Selection response of growth rate in rabbits for meat production 

      Estany Illa, Joan; Camacho, J.; Baselga, M.; Blasco, A. (Institut national de la recherche agronomique (França)ElsevierEDP Sciences, 1992)
      Genetic and environmental trends in 2 lines of rabbit (B and R) selected on individual weight gain (WG) from weaning (4 wk) to slaughter (11 wk) were estimated using mixed model methodology. Line B was derived from the ...