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    • Facilitation in plant communities: the past, the present, and the future 

      Brooker, Rob W.; Maestre, Fernando T.; Callaway, Ragan M.; Lortie, Christopher L.; Cavieres, Lohengrin A.; Kunstler, Georges; Liancourt, Pierre; Tielbörger, Katja; Travis, Justin M. J.; Anthelme, Fabien; Armas, Cristina; Coll Mir, Lluís; Corcket, Emmanuel; Delzon, Sylvain; Forey, Estelle; Kikvidze, Zaal; Olofsson, Johan; Pugnaire, Francisco I.; Quiroz, Constanza L.; Saccone, Patrick; Schiffers, Katja; Seifan, Merav; Touzard, Blaise; Michalet, Richard (John Wiley and Sons, 2007-09-06)
      1. Once neglected, the role of facilitative interactions in plant communities has received considerable attention in the last two decades, and is now widely recognized. It is timely to consider the progress made by research ...