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    • Changes in global terrestrial live biomass over the 21st century 

      Xu, Liang; Saatchi, Sassan S.; Yang, Yan; Yifan, Yu; Pongratz, Julia; Bloom, A. Anthony; Bowman, Kevin; Worden, John; Liu, Junjie; Yin, Yi; Domke, Grant; McRoberts, Ronald E.; Woodall, Christopher; Nabuurs, Gert-Jan; Miguel Magaña, Sergio de; Keller, Michael; Harris, Nancy; Maxwell, Sean; Schimel, David (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2021-07)
      Live woody vegetation is the largest reservoir of biomass carbon, with its restoration considered one of the most effective natural climate solutions. However, terrestrial carbon fluxes remain the largest uncertainty in ...