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    • Elemental composition of natural nanoparticles and fine colloids in European forest stream waters and their role as phosphorus carriers 

      Gottselig, N.; Amelung, W.; Kirchner, J. W.; Bol, R.; Eugster, Werner; Granger, S. J.; Hernández-Crespo, C.; Herrmann, F.; Keizer, J. J.; Korkiakoski, M.; Laudon, H.; Lehner, I.; Löfgren, S.; Lohila, A.; Macleod, C. J. A.; Mölder, M.; Müller, C.; Nasta, P.; Nischwitz, V.; Paul-Limoges, E.; Pierret, M. C.; Pilegaard, K.; Romano, N.; Sebastià, Ma. T.; Stähli, M.; Voltz, M.; Vereecken, H.; Siemens, J.; Klumpp, E. (American Geophysical Union, 2017)
      Biogeochemical cycling of elements largely occurs in dissolved state, but many elements may also be bound to natural nanoparticles (NNP, 1-100 nm) and fine colloids (100-450 nm). We examined the hypothesis that the size ...