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    • Assessing climate change impacts on wildfire exposure in Mediterranean areas 

      Lozano, Olga M.; Salis, Michele; Ager, Alan A.; Arca, Bachisio; Alcasena Urdíroz, Fermín J.; Monteiro, Antonio T.; Finney, Mark A.; Del Giudice, Liliana; Scoccimarro, Enrico; Spano, Donatella (Wiley, 2016)
      We used simulation modeling to assess potential climate change impacts on wildfire exposure in Italy and Corsica (France). Weather data were obtained from a regional climate model for the period 1981–2070 using the IPCC ...
    • Calibration of FARSITE simulator in northern Iranian forests 

      Jahdi, R.; Salis, Michele; Darvishsefat, A. A.; Mostafavi, M. A.; Alcasena Urdíroz, Fermín J.; Etemad, V.; Lozano, Olga M.; Spano, Donatella (European Geosciences Union; Copernicus Publications, 2015)
      Wildfire simulators based on empirical or physical models need to be locally calibrated and validated when used under conditions that differ from those where the simulators were originally developed. This study aims to ...